You will receive complete and timely Human Resource Services from EBAS.  Instead of just offering resources for you to look up when it comes to HR, we thought it would be best to provide you with ‘actual service’.


There are four levels for you to consider based on your needs as a company:

Level 1

Benefits Reporting

CMS Services:  Reporting to the CMS whether your plan has credible prescription coverage for medicare eligible employees.  This is mandated to be the employer responsibility.  If the employer is not exempt and does not file the report, then EBAS is mandated to do the report.  The employer will be required to inform us of their reporting status as to whether they want EBAS to file the report or if they will do their own reporting.


MSP Services:  Reporting to CMS about your status as a Medicare Secondary Payor is mandated by all plans and service providers.  EBAS is required to file this report on your behalf for each HRA plan serviced by EBAS.  This report filed by EBAS does not include the health insurance, only the HRA plans.  You may be exempt from this reporting, but EBAS will help determine this.


HHS Disclosure Services:  Disclosures to be given to employees about your health plan being affordable and where they can go for information about the government exchange marketplace.  EBAS will also assist you with the analysis necessary for determining if your health plan is considered affordable or not.


W2 Wage Reporting Assistance:  Our systems and procedures will help to keep you updated with the coverages and plan information to assist you when calculating the amounts contributed during each year.


IRS Reporting for Employers:  EBAS works pro-actively with our large group clients to gather the required information to assist in reporting to the IRS each employee (and dependent) insured throughout the plan year.  Our clients can also receive assistance when providing the required disclosures to their employees.

Level 2

Premium Billing Audits and Payments:

Audits that compare our system’s employee status and data with payroll deductions to ensure that employees are properly reported and paid for on the premium billings in a timely manner.


Many employers do not realize that timely reporting of new employees, dependent changes, or terminated employees must be done within a timely manner to avoid overpayment or underpayment of premiums.  Also, reporting to the payroll department any changes of premium deductions is crucial for timeliness on the employee’s paychecks.


Payment of premiums directly to the insurance carrier by one of the two methods:

   • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

   • Check format


Level 3

HR Assistance with Employee Management:

Assist with newly hired employee set up and enrollment for all benefits.  This includes track eligibility dates, receiving applications and processing enrollment with insurance companies and other benefits.


Perform the New Hire reporting to the proper government agencies.  The HR department will maintain the recordkeeping of the proper government identification forms.


Prepare benefit enrollment packets which will include all required Café Plan info, SPD’s, insurance applications and the Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) Form.  Within the packet, the employee will receive instructions to contact EBAS for specific questions.  All forms which will need to be returned to EBAS will be marked accordingly and noted within the instructions to the employee.


EBAS will manage the enrollment timeline and work with the employer or broker to ensure the insurance applications and the SRA forms are returned to EBAS prior to the employee eligibility date.  Upon receipt of the insurance applications, EBAS will ensure completeness and contact the employee for any missing information.  EBAS will enroll the employee with the insurance companies via online enrollment.   Upon receipt of the SRA form, EBAS will enroll the employee into the Café Plan and submit payroll deduction information to the payroll department.


Terminated employees or employees who lose eligibility for benefits:

 The HR Department will notify EBAS of the termination by submitting the Qualifying Event (QE) Form.


EBAS will do the following upon receipt of the QE Form:

 Notify the proper insurance companies for termination of benefits.


If there is an election to continue benefits, EBAS will notify and submit proper paperwork to insurance for reinstatement of coverage.  This will also include notification to the insurance company for termination of continuation when the election is exhausted, premium not received, or upon participant request.


Level 4

Employer Policies and Procedures Management Services:

Recommend changes to Management, if necessary based on regulations or law, for the proper management of Personnel Policies, Handbooks, Ethics and Harassment Policies.  Upon review and authorization from Management, retain copies and distribute to employees.


Company Policies:

   • Policy Manual and / or procedures

   • Vacation, PTO, Sick Leave, FMLA, etc.

   • Job analysis and documentation

   • Job Descriptions, Job functions and Task Listing


HIPAA Compliance Consulting and Training

HIPAA Process and Procedures Setup


Compliance and Analysis Services

EBAS ensures each client that our administrative services conform to applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


HIPAA Compliance:

We will provide materials to assist in compliance efforts but it is up to the employer group to make sure all procedures are in place and communicated properly. We will provide the employer with a Business Associates Agreement for our services along with an Administrative Services Agreement. These items are part of the plan documents.


Compliance with HIPAA is a priority for us and keeping information confidential is of most importance to our staff. We will not reveal any information which is considered private without written authorization. A sample privacy notice is enclosed in this proposal.


Benefit Plan Documentation and Operation:

We will provide all necessary plan documents for administration in book format. Any time there are updates received by EBAS from the federal government, we will automatically update the employer’s book. All of our documents are model plan documents which are in compliance with all federal regulations under ERISA.

Your plan will also be audited for compliance on a regular basis to ensure compliance throughout the plan year.


The plan documents you receive from EBAS will also include specific sections which are necessary for procedures on communication of benefits to employees and or COBRA / State Continuation compliance.


Benefit plan analysis and consultation for small employers and large employers to ensure that all of the requirements of the ACA, ERISA and DOL are met.  This can include the 'Play or Pay' consequences of the ACA.  We will look at strategic components available for benefit plan consultation and how they will work with the other components of your benefits package yet maintain full compliance.


Implementation and Account Management

The process of implementing and communicating new benefits and going through administrative transition can be overwhelming. You will find that we are committed to make this as easy as possible for you and your employees.


We have several years of experience communicating benefit changes to employees and work very closely with employees, one on one if necessary, to help them through the transitions.

During the transition we will work with you to carefully complete the following details in a timely manner:


1. What tasks need to be completed

2. When those tasks need to be completed

3. Who is responsible for each task

4. Track and monitor each task

5. Internal and external meetings to make sure schedules are met

6. Other special needs that arise


Once the group is set up and enrollments are in place, an account representative will be assigned to the group. The account representative will be the person the employees and employer will have the most contact with. This person will be qualified to handle any questions or concerns that come up.


Human Resources

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Compliance and Analysis Services

Implementation and Account Management

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