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Who our Clients Are

Employers who look for resources which collaborate together and assist them in employee benefit design, communication and administration services based on their business philosophy. Many employers are compassionate to what they want to offer their employees yet be cost effective. This is a struggle to employers and EBAS will work with employer clients to customize the benefits package based on their needs and budget.


These customized packages are very unique to each employer client which enables the employer to offer a valuable package to their employees. Each employer is given the opportunity to be creative throughout the process of design. This technique has proven to build a benefits package that has longevity and continuity, (a rare combination but very effective).


Employees that work for our employer clients will receive personalized service to assist with benefits communication and coordination of claims. Employees need to be able to concentrate on their jobs and need to feel confident that their benefits are not a burden. EBAS will work with each employee and their benefit claims with care and thoughtfulness. This type of advocacy has shown to make the benefits package efficient and cost effective for the employee.


Insurance Brokers who are interested in showing their employer clients the type of benefits that are not 'shelf type products'. Many brokers will find it easy to show a spreadsheet of benefit options but forget many pieces of the puzzle that fills with the employer's business philosophy. The brokers we work with are experienced and trained to look at broader solutions that may not always be easy for them but will be beneficial for their clients.


The brokers we work with will understand that working with a 'service and compliance resource' such us EBAS will help enhance the services they offer their clients. We assist the broker with many administrative processes and compliance issues that are laid upon their shoulders.

Executive Summary

EBAS (formally known as Employee Benefits Administration Services, LLC), was established in 2002 by Linda A. Hines, ACBC.  Linda incorporated her vast experience, of over 20 years working with benefits administration, into an organization with the energy and scope of providing state of the art benefits administration consulting to employers who want to maintain a competitive employee benefits package that is cost efficient to the employer as well as the employee.


Our mission statement states that we will service according to the ‘Golden Rule of Life’. This means we service the employer as if we were the employer ourselves and we service the employee as if we were that employee. In doing this, we keep in mind that how we communicate benefits to the employer or the employee is a direct representation of who we are.


EBAS is known nationally and recognized as an advanced employee benefits administrative consulting firm which works with benefit plans that are unique for each client and as being an advocate for compliance and education of these types of plans.  The Benefit Consultant Training, LLC  (BCT formerly known as NAABC) recognizes Linda as their Compliance Director for Continuing Education to its national membership of over 3000 insurance brokers.  Many other TPAs and insurance organizations throughout the country also call upon Linda to consult and train them about designing benefits plans that could implement these options together for a complete and compliant benefits package.

Industry Referrals

Allstates Rigging

Two Rivers, WI


Samantha Grage

(800) 844-7965

Jewish Council for Youth Services

Chicago, IL


Cathy Carlo

(312) 726-8891

Rodli, Beskar, Krueger & Pletcher S.C.

River Falls, WI


Sue Walz

(715) 425-7281

General Plastic Extrusions, Inc.

Prescott, WI


Cindy Durhman

(715) 262-3806

Kamm Insurance Group

Chicago, IL


Ed Briggs

(312) 425-2344

McHenry Township

McHenry, IL


Flo Giba

(815) 385-5605

A-1 Excavating, Inc.

Bloomer, WI


Sandy Schmidt

(715) 568-4141

Midwest Select Insurance Group, LLC

Eau Claire, WI


Chris Dooley

(715) 309-5495

Blue Northern Air Conditioning, Inc.

Channelview, TX


Sharon Pantin

(281) 452-9663

JMS Benefit Solutions, L.P.

New Braunfels, TX


Jim Skinner

(210) 822-4770

2018 BCT Education Calendar - (Dates Subject to Change)





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CBC (Chartered Benefits Consultants Course) 15 CE credits

 Interactive Webinars


Schedule (all webinars will be from 10am to 2:30pm CT):

CBC 1                               CBC 2                                CBC 3

April 10th                                     April 17th                                    April 24th

May 15th                                      May 22nd                                    May 29th

June 7th                                       June 21st                                      June 28th

July 10th                                      July 17th                                       July 24th

August 14th                                August 21st                                  August 28th

September 11th                         September 18th                          September 25th

October 16th                              October 23rd                               October 30th

November 13th                          November 20th                           November 27th


This 15 hour CE course is now broken down into three parts to make it easier for your busy schedule  so you can achieve your credits and learn about CDHPs.  You must complete all three courses to receive your CE credits and to receive the CBC designation you must pass the CBC test.


Class 1:  Learn about the basics of insurance:  Fully insured products vs self- funded products.  Get updated on the Partially Self- Funded products (often called level funding) for small groups.  These products have gone through a makeover to accommodate more employers to have an affordable option within the ACA guidelines.


Then we will go into intricate detail about Health Savings Accounts, how they can work with other plans and how to communicate them to the consumer.

We will then discuss updated COBRA laws for employers and who needs to comply.


Class 2: Learn about Health Reimbursement Arrangements and how they can be integrated with group health plans.  These are very efficient plans that work well for employers to offer improved benefits and remain economically effective.  We will also go into detail on how the QSEHRA (effective 1/1/17) will work for small employers who do not offer group health plans.  Get updated with Cafeteria Plans and the details of Flexible Spending Accounts working with other benefit plan components and COBRA.


Class 3: Putting everything into perspective with case plan designs and analysis.  The financial part of plan designing will give you highlights to help you learn when certain components fit best and how to combine them.   You will also learn how to create an ‘affordable plan’ for employees to remain compliant.  Who must do the affordability test and the reporting requirements of an affordable plan.

Discussion will include each of the CMS/DOL/IRS reporting requirement and who must fulfill these requirements.   Which plan documents for each component that must be on file and / or distributed to employees will also be reviewed.




ACBC (Advanced Chartered Benefits Consultants Course) 8 CE credits

Interactive Webinars (9:00 Am - 5:00 PM CT)  2018 Summer and Fall Schedule


April 19th

May 17th

June 5th

July 19th

August 23rd

September 20th

October 28th

November 8th


This course outline will teach you ways to analyze and create plan designs utilizing the CDHP components and pricing structures for keeping plans affordable for employees and employers.  Also included in this course will be updated ACA compliance and IRS reporting requirements for employers. You will also learn how to structure compliant ‘Carve Out’ plans.  COBRA and the Insurance Exchange options will be discussed.


To receive the ACBC designation you must pass the ACBC test.



Ethics Under Health Reform

4 hour CE webinar course


To be announced


You can now receive your CE requirements for ethics through the NAABC.  This 4 hour CE course will give you the ethical basics and professional practices when working within the employee benefits arena for consulting benefit designs based on the ACA laws.  Concentration will be given to working with employers on deciding to continue group insurance compared to individual insurance plans or other programs that are being offered within the exchange marketplace.


This class is approved in 9 states, so far!

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia and California


You can register for these classes online at

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