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Instead of simple email updates on the ACA, COBRA, HR and other benefits regulations from the DOL and IRS, you can simply join us in interactive webinars which may feature guest speakers within the benefits industry.  Each webinar will last about 45 minutes and will include a QA session.


Want more information? You can view the schedules under the Education & Classes page, download the form or login as directed.  You may also contact us directly,

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Our Philosophy:


EBAS provides professional services that are state of the art yet based on traditional small town values. We have a history of experience working with small employer consumer driven reimbursement plans for over 20 years. We promise to work with integrity in all aspects of our services. The programs we provide will give you a program that offers longevity and will be organized in a comprehensive format. Our service is based on the 'Golden Rule of Life' which is to work with you the way we would wish to be serviced. We provide you the opportunity to design your benefits programs in a personalized way that will fit your own business philosophy. Our helpful resources will help you keep your programs up to date with current laws. In conclusion, this will be your benefits plan not someone else's.

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